Camp Consequence

We believe that the first step in behavior change is the parent.

After completing the Empowered Parent Conference, you will join us at Camp Consequence, where we help you put your knowledge to work and you really get to see The Parent Project curriculum in action.

First and foremost, Camp Consequence is not a boot camp. We believe that boot camps typically don’t work as long-term solutions because they use external motivators to cause you to do what you don’t want to do. The problem with external motivation is that when the motivator is done, so is the motivation to do what you didn’t want to do. We believe that there is a better way to motivate people to do what they don’t want to do, and it’s called consequences.

Camp Consequence was created for both parents and children, but also for families. Everything we do at Camp Consequence has been designed to strengthen the family, not just fix the ‘problem child’. We understand that when there is a ‘problem child’ in the family, it affects everyone in the family. But we also understand that when only the ‘problem child’ is addressed, then the other children who have been left on their own will soon become just like the ‘problem child’. In many cases, the so-called ‘good children’ have picked up the negative behaviors, and the parents have just missed it. Our approach is to change the environment that created the ‘problem child’ in the first place. Once we have the parents on the same parenting page, we are then ready to take on the ‘problem child’ and win.

We believe that the first step in behavior change is the parent. Once we have taught the parents what to do at the Empowered Parent Conference, we show them how to do it at Camp Consequence. Camp Consequence is the place where their questions get answered and their parenting plan starts to come together. Camp Consequence is also where their child will begin to understand:

  1. Mom and dad are not alone anymore.
  2. Mom and dad have support and a parenting plan.
  3. Mom and dad have friends who understand what they are going through.
  4. Bad choices can send children to jail.

Camp Consequence is not the fix for all ‘problem children’. It’s a tool for the empowered parent and a wake-up call for good children making bad choices. The action that the parent takes when the child returns home is far more important than what we do at Camp Consequence, but we are here to offer you the tools that you need to have a successfully functioning family no matter where you are.

The cost for Camp Consequence is $150.00 per person (adult or child) attending.


The Empowered Parent Conference is a prerequisite for this program.

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Another word on Camp Consequence


Hear me well, extreme out of control child behavior will take extreme measures.


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”  Whatever you see on TV is designed to get people to watch a show.  Whatever you read in the paper is designed to get readership.   Go to this web site and read the success stories.      Can all of these parents be wrong?


“The Parent Help Center,” is about showing children that for every decision in life there are consequences.   All adults live in a world of consequences, but for some reason our children don’t understand this concept.  Not teaching the law of consequences is where most parents have failed their children.  Since strong willed children cannot be controlled, the law of consequences is the only thing a parent can use to change the unwanted behavior.


Most TV or newspaper stories will not tell the whole story, they don’t have enough time.  In our success stories you will see what these children have done to their families.  Also, strong willed children are much more different than compliant children, and it will take much more effort to change the negative behavior of this kind of a child.  Most producers are very good at getting viewers focused on what the producer wanted you to see, but you will most likely miss the smiling, hugging, happy to see each other in the segment.   Why, the positive things don’t sell as good as the negative sells. I could go on and on about what you see and hear about programs that work with out of control children.  I can’t speak for another program, but I can speak for “The Parent Help Center,” and the differences, and there are many.

  • We are a parent’s last resort, after counseling, drugs, programs, and books, they come to us.
  • We are not a program but a life style change.  Programs begin and end.   The life style change is taught at the “Empowered Parent Conference” weekend it. You never stop parenting.
  • We are a parent skills training organization not a child program.  75% parents, 25% children.
  • The parent is 100% involved from the beginning to the end or we will not work with the family.
  • At any time a parent wants to remove their child from Camp Consequence, they can.
  • We believe external motivation, as other programs use don’t work long term.  We give children reason to make good choices when parents aren’t around.
  • We believe no parent can control a strong willed child, but they can influence their child to make good choices, without losing their temper. We believe a parent must model the behavior they expect from their child.
  • We believe strong willed children need a wakeup call and that is what happens for the first 10 minutes upon arriving at Camp Consequence.  The rest of the entire weekend is training parents and mentoring children.
  • We believe once a parent sees their child doing everything we ask them to do, they will clearly see the problem is at their house, not someplace else.
  • Children are never sent to Camp Consequence, they send themselves because of their behavior or bad choices.
  • After the Empowered Parent Conference, and Camp Consequence, next comes weekly Parent Support meetings. Parents and children are held accountable for their execution of the parenting plan.


Please take the time to read the testimonies and study our web site to fully realize what it is we do. There is way more to changing destructive adolescent behavior than a weekend, but it all starts with love and affection from the parents.


They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  This is the 2PM break after working in the Florida sun.  Notice how unhappy they are.

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