Our Programs

The Empowered Parent Conference

The Empowered Parent Conference is a prerequisite to all other programs. It can be done online at your own pace or done in-person with instructions straight from Glenn. At our Empowered Parent Conference, we teach you everything you need to know to have a successfully functioning family. With this material, you learn how to intervene and stop current destructive behaviors while identifying and preventing future problems. It is a proven method and is currently being implemented throughout thirty-two states. Your individual success depends on your commitment and dedication to the plan as it is laid out in the curriculum. If you follow it, it will work!

Camp Consequence

After completing the Empowered Parent Conference, you will join us at Camp Consequence, where we help you put your knowledge to work and you really get to see The Parent Project curriculum in action.Camp Consequence was created for both parents and children, but also for families. Everything we do at Camp Consequence has been designed to strengthen the family, not just fix the ‘problem child’.

Parent Support Groups

Support is undoubtedly the most important component to success when dealing with a strong-willed child. After completing the Empowered Parent Conference you will have access to a weekly meeting in your area consisting of families much like your own… families learning to implement the Parent Project curriculum.

Summer Behavioral Program

Are you one of those parents who sigh with relief when your child or adolescent leaves for your typical summer camp? Do you wait with trepidation for the day your child returns home, knowing he or she will bring chaos back into the household? Do you hope against hope that your child will return with a better, more positive attitude? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your child might greatly benefit from a Behavior Summer Program as an alternative to traditional summer camp.