2023 Boys Summer Camp

2023 Boys Summer Camp


If deposit or payment plan is needed, please contact Melissa@theparenthelpcenter.com

How do these programs differ from traditional summer camps? Smaller size: Generally the ratio of kids to field instructors is very low. This enables instructors to work one-on-one with the children, or in very small groups.

Greater supervision: Troubled teens and children thrive in these highly structured environments. They are not tempted by the bad behavior of their peers, because all behaviors are closely monitored to keep kids on the right track. You won’t have to worry about your child learning “new tricks” at our Behavior Camp. At traditional summer camps your child may have access to negative influences because they simply do not have the staff-to-camper ratio that enables them to closely monitor all behavior. Rites of passage: Teens and children in our behavioral summer camp will learn skills and challenge themselves by moving through levels of proficiency. The growth they experience and increased responsibility builds self-esteem and self-confidence, which the adolescent takes home with them. Here we allow the child to learn the consequences of negative behaviors and to adjust accordingly. Our Summer Behavioral Camp can start a firm foundation on which to build more positive behaviors back at home.

Don’t Waste Summer Vacation Parents who are beginning to see the signs of behavioral and emotional problems in their children have an excellent opportunity to get their kids back on track during the summer vacation. This Summer Camp is an alternative to most summer camps, and can help your child develop new skills and behaviors. The summer is the perfect opportunity for parents to avail themselves with a unique program designed to help children find themselves in relation to their world, and learn more responsible behavior. This Camp can also help children with self-defeating behaviors. This intensive program can quickly reduce the issues your child is experiencing to get him/her on a positive life path. This is not your Kumbaya summer camp.  It’s a Behavioral Camp!  It’s tough, so that your kids will appreciate what they have, and appreciate you when they return.  At this camp they will learn that life isn’t always fair and that they’ll have to work for what they want in life. Play is determined by the child’s behavior. When the rules are followed, the children are rewarded. If you think what we do is to tough for your child now, do nothing for another year and see where you are with the behavior.  But, if you are to the point of being sick and tired of the out of control behavior, lying, and disrespect, we are just what you are looking for.

Camp activities may include:  All fun must be earned

Volleyball, Tether Ball, Basketball, Washing and folding their clothes, Soccer, Discussions on bad choices, education, drugs, Swimming, Bubble Soccer, Etiquette Classes, Horses, Cooking, Beach, Day trips, Rope Course

Glenn Ellison; Founder/CEO

Melissa Wynn 904-999-4659


Cost is $3,000 per child (averages $100 per day) if paid by June 1st (After June 1st $3,500). There are no full refunds after May 15th and deposits are non refundable after April 15th. There are two requirements for your child to attend Summer Camp. The First requirement is to take the The Online Empowered Parent Conference and complete the course before bringing your child to Summer Camp. The Second requirement is for the Parent’s/Guardian’s to attend the Weekend Success Camp that falls on the first weekend of Summer Camp for your child if they have not attended a Weekend Success camp prior to Summer Camp. The cost for the Empowered Parent Conference and Weekend Success Camp are separate fees for the Parent’s/Guardian’s, and any additional children. There will be special pricing for the Online Empowered Parent Conference for those purchasing Summer Success Camp. Email Melissa for details.


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