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» Structured, highly supervised environment

» Achieve your strong-willed child's potential to become a leader

» One-On-One and small group discussions

» This intensive program can quickly reduce the issues your child is experiencing to get him/her on a positive life path.

It Works!

Instructors work one-on-one with the children, or in very small groups. This closer supervision allows troubled teens and children to thrive in the highly structured environment. They are not tempted by the bad behavior of their peers, because all behaviors are closely monitored to keep kids on the right track. You won't have to worry about your child learning "new tricks" at our Summer Success Camp. Teens and children will learn skills and challenge themselves by moving through levels of proficiency. The growth they experience and increased responsibility builds self-esteem and self-confidence, which they take home with them. Here we allow the child to learn the consequences of negative behaviors and to adjust accordingly. Our Summer Camp starts a firm foundation on which to build more positive behaviors back at home.


"Glenn and his team saved my son many years ago. He was 16 and out of control and I was a single mom. I had lost hope that anyone could help me. My son stayed there for 3 months and Glenn taught me how to deal with situations that would inevitably arise at home when he returned to encourage him to make better choices. He is now 25 and has a great job. I am forever grateful to Glenn and his wife and all the staff at Success Camp!"
- Lisa

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A quick online signup and payment, then you're off to the most important times you will spend as a parent.


Your family will step into a new future where your children excel and you are empowered to effectively deal with their issues.

A Family Win

More than 1,000 families will attest to the effectiveness of our programs to get the best out of your child.

About Us

We empower parents to raise respectful, productive children to strengthen our community, country, and the world. We were founded in 2000 by Glenn Ellison to change the way parents deal with-and effectively correct-children's bad behavior and attitudes.


“We needed an assist. We tried everything and we are thankful we found this program. After completing camp, our son earned four citizenship awards, made the Honor Roll, and even came back as a camp helper.”


"My heart is completely warmed by the 'true smile on my daughters face. My complete and sincere gratitude to Mr Glenn and his staff of volunteer Angels for helping my daughters light shine again."

"I'm so ready to get past all of the things I've been through and get over being mad at my biological parents so I can move forward and stay on this path that I'm on. Thank you Mom for everything you've been doing to help me through all of this."

"What a great week, he has been so amazing!! He’s doing well in his self defense classes building confidence and being physically active!! I surprised him with a driving lesson!!"

"Fantastic actually. He’s learned to be open with his thoughts and feelings, rarely withdraws and is very respectful. Summer camp changed our lives."

"Everything moving forward in a positive direction for sure. Today was a great day for him we are very pleased with the choices he made (all good) he worked hard helping and working in a friend’s yard."

"I really had to change my mindset to being more positive and believing my son would make the right choices rather than thinking he would mess up. It makes you realize what is working and what is not."

"My Jayden, Friday brought home all honor roll report card with a grade of 100 in science, has had 3 conduct marks ALL school year, and is excelling in every subject."

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