Glenn Ellison - Founder, The Parent Help Center
Glenn Ellison - Founder, The Parent Help Center

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower parents to raise respectful and productive children in order to strengthen our community, our country, and the world.

The Parent Help Center was founded by Glenn Ellison nineteen years ago, and was specifically created to help change the way parents deal with—and effectively correct—bad behavior and bad attitudes in children.

From Our Founder - Glenn Ellison

"As a parent, we must not reward children for anything that they haven’t earned.  If we do, we are teaching children they don’t have to work for what they want."

We are a parent skills training organization. We train parents to parent their strong willed child. After the training, we coach parents on how to execute their parenting plan.

More About Glenn Ellison and The Parent Help Center

The Parent Help Center was founded by the very accomplished Glenn Ellison. Glenn played football for the United States Marine Corps football team and was the most valuable player two years in a row. He then played in the NFL as a fullback for the Oakland Raiders. He founded the Parent Help Center in the year 2000, and his passion for helping families to become a loving and caring unit by guiding parents towards how to successfully parent a strong-willed or at-risk children, is what drives him today.

Glenn grew up in Jacksonville Florida poor but with a dream of playing professional football.  At Paxon High School, Glenn was a 220-pound 2nd Team All American running back and on the all-state track team.  After winning a full athletic scholarship to the University of Arkansas and playing for the United States Marine Corps, he became a fullback for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.  By this time Glenn was 255 pounds and bench pressed over 500 pounds.  Through hard work and a determination of not giving up, Glenn's dream became true!  After learning what it takes to win on the professional level, Glenn applied his football skills to the business world.  He has managed for some of the best companies in the United States and learned from each one.  Glenn's companies were the US Postal Service, United Parcel Service, Circuit City and the Whirlpool Corporation.

Nineteen years later, Glenn is the Founder & CEO of a Parent Coaching organization working with the FL State Attorney's Office, Public Defenders Office, Sheriff's in multiple FL Counties, and the Department of Juvenile Justice.  This is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization.  Success Camp is located next to a jail on land donated to him by the City of Jacksonville. Empowered Parent's and Success Camp serves all of Northeast Florida and beyond.

Some of Ellison's accomplishments:

  • Champions For Justice - 12 Who Care, Positively Jax
  • Citizen of the year - 10 Who Make A Difference
  • Unsung Hero – Champions of Hope
  • Certificates of Appreciation from The Public Defender’s Office, Florida Division of Forestry, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Jacksonville National Cemetery

More about Glenn Ellison:

  • The Parent Help Center - Founder
  • Success Camp/ Behavior Program - Founder
  • Empowered Parents – Founder
  • Operation Empowered Parent - Founder
  • United States Marine
  • Oakland Raider Fullback
  • Gideon International member since 1981- present
  • Executive Director of the Justice Coalition, Jacksonville
  • Past Deacon / River City Family Church
  • National Facilitator for Parent Project /Speaker/Family Coach
  • Married to Sheila Crawford Ellison, 33 years
  • Member of Riverstone Community Church

Glenn and Sheila Ellison

Glenn and Sheila Ellison

The Parent Help Center is managed by Glenn and his wife Sheila Ellison, whom he has been married to for 33 years. Sheila is president of the empathy department.

Ellison has developed a three-step process that has resulted in hundreds of families successfully developing strong bonds with their strong-willed child and realizing the full potential of their child. ”While parents are learning new coping skills, children learn about responsibility and consequences in an austere environment—away from television, music and smartphones. It’s a real eye-opener,” says Ellison.

Ellison ran into 23-year Florida National Guard soldier and Afghanistan Veteran, Larry Feltner, a maintenance worker at the Jacksonville National Cemetery. The bond was immediate. Ellison was looking for a place for the kids to work, where they could develop respect, honor, a work ethic, and self-confidence. This meeting resulted in a lasting relationship between the Jacksonville National Cemetery and The Parent Help Center. Jacksonville National Cemetery Director Al Richburg sees great value in the program for youth and families.

“The program has a high rate of success,” said Richburg, who retired from the U.S. Army in 1994.  “At the same time, we get to teach children about duty, honor and service, and show them how we take care of the men and women who served the country.”

“We needed an assist. We tried everything and we are thankful we found this program,” Tonja Ward said. “After completing camp, our son earned four citizenship awards, made the Honor Roll, and even came back as a camp helper.”


"You have a very strong impact on my Son❤️ I know that this camp 'does not fix' our Son we know this, we all know that parenting a difficult child just to brush his teeth or... go to bed, can be a difficult task. Can you imagine trying to get him to church? I can’t ever thank you enough for having God present in his life it was something I have been praying for, for a long time. We took Braydon to a nice dinner tonight, he gave the blessing, it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life ❤️🙏🏻 we are forever grateful! We know how much work we have ahead of us, but this is beyond our expectations.

Thank you"