Loving Solutions

guiding families into structure

We believe that changed parents will see changed kids.

We teach the Loving Solutions course from The Parent Project curriculum, which has been guiding families into structure and peace at home for over twenty years. With this material, you learn how to intervene and stop current destructive behaviors while identifying and preventing future problems. 

It is a proven method and has been implemented throughout forty states. We developed this course to be taken online, anytime, and at your own pace.  “Loving Solutions” is for children ages seven and below and was specifically written to focus on the child during the earliest stages. From our experience, we know that the earlier we start training our children, the less heartache and headache we’re going to have down the road. Living this lifestyle as soon as possible is the key to keeping peace in your home. This program is a separate stand-alone program designed for younger age children, and is not part of the prerequisite for weekend success camp.

We help you to a growing and loving relationship of mutual respect.