Support is the most important component to success.

Support is undoubtedly the most important component to success when dealing with a strong-willed child. After completing the Empowered Parent Conference you will have access to a weekly meeting in your area consisting of families much like your own… families learning to implement the Parent Project curriculum. This is a time when parents encourage each other towards making the new changes a permanent way of life, and the strong-willed children are held accountable to the group for their behavior. The friendships that result become a new community of support that you will draw from for years to come.

We have local support held at our Jacksonville Camp. as well as offer Online Support for those who are unable to attend locally.

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Current Parent Support Group Locations and Times:

Online Parent Support:

Out of town parents have support at 5PM Sunday Evenings and we will livestream it to you.

The Empowered Parent Conference is a prerequisite for this program.

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