Parents, Teachers, and The Parent Help Center


We strongly believe that providing support to parents and teachers is crucial in creating a conducive learning environment. That’s why we’re delighted to offer parents a comprehensive plan to address unwanted and destructive behaviors in their children.

We have helped thousands of families restore peace to their homes for over two decades, while teaching a tried and proven curriculum used throughout 40 states. We are The Parent Help Center and are here to help!

Our organization believes that better parenting can lead to better academic outcomes, which can in turn produce responsible and civic-minded individuals who contribute positively to North Florida’s development. This, in turn, can serve as an effective means of deterring crime. Empowered parents take responsibility for their children’s upbringing, understanding that it is not the sole responsibility of law enforcement agencies, educators, or government entities to ensure their success. Instead, both mothers and fathers play an important role in providing guidance and support for their children.

We believe there are four things required to change unwanted behavior…

  • A desire to change your parenting style
  • A plan for how to correct the behavior
  • Consistent and weekly support system
  • Commitment and dedication by parents

We provide a three step approach which includes our Empowered Parent Conference, Weekend Success Camp, and Weekly Support. With over two decades of experience, we’ve found that all three components together achieve the highest rate of success for families.

Your first step though is the Empowered Parent Conference where we teach you exactly how to change the unwanted behaviors. Step two Weekend Success Camp, is where we show you how to apply what was taught at the conference. Step three is Weekly Support, where we work with you to ensure the plan is being implemented correctly at home and where we answer your questions.

Help and Hope is on the way, and we have two options available for parents to get started.
  • Our in-person, instructor led Empowered Parent Conference, now provided at a discounted rate of $95.00. Use promo code “school” with the link below to receive the discounted rate. 
  • The Online Empowered Parent Conference – this course can be taken at your own pace and from anywhere you have Internet service. The cost is $550.00