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The Parent Help Center’s services are like a three-legged stool. Without one leg the stool will fall, just as without each of the three core components your chances of failure dramatically increase. We have been successful in helping thousands of families for over sixteen years and this will work for your family too. Below are the three steps of the Parent Help Center:

We are a parent coaching organization and are here to help! We know how to be successful because we teach the best parent behavior curriculum in the country, “The Parent Project.” Before we ever start trying to change unwanted behaviors in your child, we will have the parent trained on what to do when the child returns to their home. This is where every parent must start or we cannot help you.

This conference is offered as an instructor led course or may be taken online so that those parents that live outside of the Jacksonville Florida area will only need to travel to Jacksonville one time. To find the next available instructor-led Empowered Parent Conference, please select the calendar tab at the top or click here. From the calendar, you can select the date that you would like to attend and purchase your family’s Empowered Parent conference.

If you are taking the online conference, click here then choose the Online Empowered Parent Conference. This can also be found under our Shop tab at the top.

Camp Consequence is not just some weekend program but the beginning of a family lifestyle change. Changed parents will see changed kids. If you can’t recognize that what you’ve been doing isn’t working and you aren’t willing to make the necessary changes, you will be wasting your time and money. That is not what we want for you and your family. Camp Consequence is where the family changes begin. You can find the dates for the next available Camp Consequence weekend under the calendar tab at the top or by clicking here. From there you can register your family for Camp Consequence.

All that is taught at the Empowered Parent Conference and at Camp Consequence is reinforced at our weekly local and online Parent Support meetings. Here you will see you are not alone and are part of a community. You will work with facilitators and other parents to help address the ever changing circumstances that you are facing. After taking the Empowered Parent Conference, attending the Camp Consequence weekend, and hearing the testimonies from other Parents and families you will see the value of Parent Support and what we mean by an Empowered Parent community.

Our goal is for every parent to become an Empowered Parent with the necessary support and skills to have lasting behavior changes in their home. For that to happen we recommend that every family attend all three components of what we refer to as our three-legged stool. We know what makes us successful, and we are not willing to leave any part of the three legs of our success formula out.

We’ve spent a lot of time compiling the most frequently asked questions by our families and providing responses to address them. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page in order to get your questions answered.


Empowered Parent

Since returning home from Camp Consequence six weeks ago, our son had his first six check week – which means that six out of seven days were good or great. We are very proud of him and we are also proud of us. As changed parents, we now expect and follow through while we journal the best effort, respect, and attitude from everyone. We have earned his respect back!

Empowered Parent

If we didn’t know the book, have the training at camp and work the plan we’d be spending so much time arguing and wishing for a change. In this lifestyle, we hold firm and use the energy (that we used to exhaust) working the plan AND we still have time and energy for fun and positive affirmations for all!

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