The Parent Help Center is based out of Jacksonville, Florida, but we provide online parenting classes to parents all across the USA. This video has testimonials from several parents whose families have been transformed in our Online Empowering Parents Conference program, Weekend Success Camp and Summer Success Camp.

Video Transcript:


TPHC:             Are you yelling and screaming, trying to control your child?

Father:          "Stop the video game"

Boy:             But what are you doing?"

Father:          "Stop the video game."

Boy:             "But what are you doing?"

Father:          "Stop the video game. You've had for like three hours."

Boy:             "I don't care."

TPHC:             When you're screaming at a kid, you opened the door for them to scream right back at you.

Mother:         "Where in the hell have you been?"

Daughter:      "I've been at school."

Mother:         "No, you haven't been at school?"

TPHC:             Are there constant lies?

Daughter:      "I hate school. I don't want to go to school."

Mother:         "Well that is too bad about going to school."

Daughter:      "Why do I have to go to school?"

Father:          "What is all the yelling about?"

Mother:         "She's skipping again."

Father:          "Why didn't you tell me she wasn't in school?"

Daughter:      "I hate you mom and I hate you Dad. Shut up, I can't take it anymore. Stop!"

TPHC:             Start skipping school, to drink, to do drugs.

Mother:         "Stop ignoring me when I talk to you, listen to me."

Daughter:      "You can't touch me."

Mother:         "I will touch you whenever I want to. Get up and clean this room right now."

Daughter:      "Make me."

TPHC:             Does your Child show complete disrespect for you?

Mother:         "What did you just say to me?"

Daughter:      "Screw you?"

TPHC:             Our whole objective is to change the environment of the home. To put peace back in that home as quickly as possible.

Daughter:      "Dad, I told you we had to get in the car."

Father:          "You got to be kidding me."

Daughter:      "I told you this 30 minutes ago."

Father:          "Did your Mother tell you to get ready? Did she tell you to get ready?"

Son:             "I'm not going."

Father:          "You're not going to your sister's birthday party."

Son:             "No, I'm not going."

Daughter:      "I hate you so much. I'm going to be miserable."

Father:          "Give me the--"

TPHC:             Are there physical confrontations?

Father:          "Hey, look. If I can break this over your head buster."

Mother:         I was fighting a lot, screaming, breaking things.

Mother:         "Where are you going?"

Child:            Sobeys

Mother:         "Is your homework finished?"

Child:            "Yes"

TPHC:             Is your home filled with anger?

Mother:         "You're lying to me; I know it’s not done."

Child:            "You're lying"

TPHC:             If this sounds familiar. If you're strong-willed child is destroying the sanctity of your home. If every family member feels like they're living in mayhem, then the Parent Help Center is for you.

Father:          "It was depressing to go home and have to deal with this day in and day out."

Mother:         "He didn't want to do well in school. He didn't care if he failed. We were dealing with, um, destructive behaviors, hitting, punching walls, profanity. It even escalated to the point of physical violence."

TPHC:             It's a scary world to live in a house where you're afraid of your own Child. That's my passion to get to those families and let them know there's help. There's hope and I'm ready. How many of you have a strong-willed kid? Hey, by the way, that's why you're here.

The Parent Help Center has the answers. If you're at the end of your rope, filled with despair and dismay have tried everything to bring peace into your chaotic home, but nothing has worked. The parent help center has the solution. It is a simple yet proven method to turn the turmoil into tranquility. The Parent Help Center teaches a better way to parent. It truly is a life style change - screaming, yelling, arguing. None of that changes behavior; it's having a plan, working that plan and being consistent.

It doesn't happen overnight.

This is not a program programs begin and end. This is a lifestyle change. It will affect you the rest of your life or you can begin online at your convenience at It takes time and commitment, but your family is surely worth it.

Mother:         "Oh, how's economics."

Daughter:      "Oh my God. Don't even get me started at mom."

TPHC:             The results can be amazing.

Daughter:      "I was barely passing any of my classes. I got really bad grades and now I have AB honor roll. He saved my life and my family's."

Father:          "There is no more arguing. Generally, there's a lot more feeling of hope for the future. A lot less stress, a lot more happy times. Kids are playing and laughing. Our motto is changed parents will see change Children. And I believe that we've changed more than he has."

Daughter:      "Things are so much easier now, not always having to scream and yell and fight. Once I saw that I could be a better Daughter, a better Child, like a better person in general. I didn't want to go back to how I was."

Mother:         "At first, you feel very alone, but you find out in this program that you really are not alone. There are a lot, a lot of other parents who are going through the same sorts of situations that you are and struggling to deal with their strong-willed children."

TPHC:             What makes us different is I demand your involvement. I will not work with kids. That's your job. I work with parents. I coach parents and they, with our support and our coaching have the tools to change behavior.

Father:          "It's been a lifesaver for us. I mean, um, after going through the program, you know, the kids learn that there is a definite consequence, whether it's good or bad for their decisions that they make."

Boy:             "I did not slam it. I hardly even close the door,"

TPHC:             This is an actual recording of a young Boy before his Mother and father found The Parent Help Center.

Boy:             "I'm not a liar."

Mother:         "You are a liar."

Boy:             "No, I'm not."

Mother:         "A little flare up would turn into a tantrum. And then it's putting holes in the walls, kicking, yelling, screaming."

Father:          "We never really know when this anger, outburst would overtake him. And if he gets worked up a little bit, it's it's, it's, it doesn't take long for him to completely lose control."

TPHC:             This is the family today. Things are calm. There is serenity.

Mother:         "When we found out that we have to change. Our parenting has to change before we can see the change in our kid and you know what? It did happen"

Father:          "He can enjoy his life. He can reach some potential now, whereas there was no hope before."

TPHC:             Hope is the key and a realization that change is possible.

Daughter:      "It's really amazing that the program does. I never figured a program could do that."

TPHC:             I know why I'm successful, because moms and dads tell me I am, and they give me raving reviews of how many children I've saved from juvenile detention, from killing themselves. It's a war out there and we're winning that war, one family at a time.